Services Offered

I guide Saginaw Bay, Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair river, and Lake Erie. Seasonal locations will vary. All Services will Require a 50% Non Refundable Deposit for under a 15 day cancellation notice, with Reschedules available. 

2 -5 People

Oldsquaw/Scoter Hunts

Diver Duck Hunting


Saginaw Bay And Lake St.Clair

Walleye Trolling


Trolling Saginaw Bay, Lake St.clair, And Lake Erie. Gear Provided

Walleye Jigging


Jigging The Saginaw, Detroit, and St.clair rivers. Gear Provided

Perch Fishing 


Saginaw Bay in the fall, Gear and Bait Provided.

Saginaw Bay Ice Fishing


 Bring your own gear, and machine, follow me out and we fish TOGETHER, with all the advantages of a charter for less.

Follow Out


You accept all Liability, and are responsible for yourself. A GPS is recommended. You Welcome to follow us in, but i'm on my own Schedule, and my clients are my priority.