Services Offered

I guide Saginaw Bay, Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair river, and Lake Erie. Seasonal location will vary.

Oldsquaw/Scoter Hunts

Diver Duck Hunting

200/Gun 5ish Hours

Walleye Trolling

Walleye Jigging

Perch Fishing 

150/Person 5Ish Hour half day Trips, Full Days available on request.

Saginaw Bay Ice Fishing

150/Person 8Ish Hours, Bring your own gear, and machine, follow me out and we fish TOGETHER, with all the advantages of a charter for less.

Follow Out

$75 Person, You accept all Liability, and are responsible for yourself. A GPS is recommended. You Welcome to follow us in, but i'm on my own Schedule, and my clients are my priority.

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