Learning Trip

I'm referring to this as a learning trip, or a "Hands on Seminar"

This is a 5 hour crash course out of your port, on your rig, with your gear. Taught by a full time, USCG licensed Charter Captain. I'm not there to run your boat, this is not a "fish catching " trip. This is a "Class" to bridge some gaps, answer questions, and to share what I've learned over the last 30 years that makes me successful.

The cost- $350 on Saginaw bay, if you are requesting I travel to a different body of water we can discuss that, on a situational basis.



  • How to setup boards 

  • Rod holder placement, what's best for your boat?

  • Line, What to expect from different lines

  • Rods, What's my preference? What's yours? What works?

  • What affects action of baits?

  • The list is endless, and I'm happy to answer questions.



  • What Baits and when

  • I'll explain what my preferences are and why.

  • Depth Control

  • How and when to target certain depths.

  • Bait Tuning (yes that's a thing)


  • How to read what you're seeing.

  • How to decide what fish to target.

  • Identifying Structure.

  • The importance of water temp.

  • Identifying the type of bottom.

  • Discussing SOG in regards to current.

Creating a Program

  • Explaining what areas I Target

  • What I look for to find fish

  • How I put the pieces together to create a program.

  • How I effectively produce results daily.